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when did the eiffel tower open to the public

On March 30th 2015 there will be a half worldwide Google Doodle about when did the eiffel tower open to the public. when did the eiffel tower open to the public? 126 years ago! Google celebrates the 126th anniversary of the public opening of the eiffel tower with the Google Doodle in 30th March 2015.
It is a static Google Doodle with a very long search term: „when did the eiffel tower open to the public“.
More information about the eiffel tower you will get on wikipedia.


Mechanical Television

On 25th March 2015 there will be a Google Doodle about the Mechanical Television.
Google celebrates the 90th anniversary of the Mechanical Television.
In den 19th-20th century there were the first mechanic TVs.
Many people worked for it.
Now you can watch Full-HD or even 4K and maybe someday more resolution films.
To honor the great work of the inventors this Doogle is almost puplished on half the world Google homepages.

International Women’s Day 2015

There is a Google Doodle abput the International Women’s Day 2015 on March 8th 2015.
Google celebrates this day with a worldwide Google Doodle.
The day gets a Google Doodle every year.
This time you can see women in „typical men“ jobs.
Equality – make it happen!

Momofuku Ando

Google celebrates the 105th birthday of Momofuku Ando. Momofuku Ando was a Taiwanese-Japanese inventor.
He got famous and best known as the inventor if the instant noodles and the cup noodles.
The first „tasty“ instant noodles he marketed in the year of 1958.
Today instant noodles are very common in Asia.
Momofuku Ando died at the age if 96. Maybe he became that old because of eating many of his own instant noodles?
Nobody knows! Google wishes him a happy birthday with the recent Google Doodle.